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We are proud to offer our local residents and new residents our affordable and friendly moving services. We are considered an essential business and we handle all moves in a safe and efficient manner with our customers health and safety coming first in our moving plan. We have acquired all 5 star reviews from our local clients and are very proud to have earned each one of them. We are also local residents so we understand the city and people here so to help our locals is our dream and our work ethic shows this. Give us a call or drop us a line to our email if you have a future move and we will gladly give you a free quote. All moves aren’t the same so they all shouldn’t cost the same! We take a look at each job and make sure to get you the best moving quote that usually can’t be beat.



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Moving Company Fort Wayne


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Moving during a pandemic like Covid-19?

1. Contact your movers to confirm your moving date. 

2. Buy all supplies at once. Try not to make many trips to the

 store to buy all the supplies you’ll need for your move. Here’s a very useful list and resource to help you find all the items and supplies you may need for your move here: Moving.com calculator 

3. Clean as you pack. Use this time wisely to clean & sanitize all of your items. In a pinch use 1tbs bleach to 1 gallon of water to make a disinfecting solution.

4. Make sure you finish packing 24 hours in advance before your movers arrive. Covid-19 can last up to 24 hours on those cardboard boxes. Although our movers wear gloves it’s still safe practice to have the boxes untouched for 24 hours until the movers arrive. ALSO, try to not use recycled boxes if at all possible or borrow them from people. Used boxes can be contaminated with many germs and bacteria. 



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Common Questions About Moving Company

How much does a local moving company typically charge?


Typically local moving companies charge around $25-$50/hr. per mover per hour it takes to move.  It usually can take up to 6 hours to move an apartment with 2 bedrooms with 2 movers within a local area. The average cost today is about $694 and $1,889 with an average of about $1,272 and usually includes using rental truck locally under 100 miles. 



What's the best day of the week to move?


The best days are weekdays if possible like Monday-Thursday. The reason is because the demand for moving services during the week is lower so you can take advantage of possible cost decrease as well as getting moved quicker since it’s less demand during these days



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