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As a local business we take much pride in our local moving services. When you call us, you will talk to the owner, not a paid phone operator from another country. Being locally born and raised too, we KNOW this county and state very well and the best methods to get your items to their new location efficiently & safely. We provide you the best and most affordable moving services around town.  We’re also kinda proud of our 100% 5 Star Google Ratings too! Drop us a line or give us a call we’re ready to help you with your next move.

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Commercial Moves

Need to move items into a new business or commercial location and set them up? Do you need to move out of a business that’s closing? No matter what it is we’ve got you covered. 

Residential Moves

Our speciality is getting residents moved into new homes and apartments. We have the manpower and experience to get it done quick and safe. We disassemble furniture and reassemble them at the new location too. Let us take the stress off your next move. 

Packing & Unpacking

Hate packing up all your items for moving? Let us do that job for you so you can focus on the other details about your next move!

Valuable Moves

Worried about your valuables during a move or need them moved by someone you can trust? We are licensed and insured so your valuables are protected and no one will protect them like we do. It’s our job. 

Pickups & Hauloffs

Have something very large or heavy you need moved? Don’t worry we can do it. We’ve moved the most heavy items like pool tables, gun safes, pianos & jacuzzi’s! 

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We Serve the Entire Allen County Area

We move all items heavy and small within the Allen County radius. Give us a call to get a quote and to check your location. 

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How It Works

Ready to get moving? Awesome! Check the following steps below and take a look at our FAQ section. We have several useful links and a packing calculator to help you prepare for your next move. Also check out our Covid-19 policies and more info. 

Get an Estimate

Give us a call or drop us an email for a future move so we can get you booked in advance. All of our jobs are fair and based on distance and individual job. Not all moves are identical so price accordingly


Plan Your Move

Make sure to mark off your calendar for the day of your estimate. We check each location for particulars to make sure we get you the most fair quote. 


Schedule Your Move

Once you have your moving date booked with us begin to request your days off work or plan on days off and adjust for extra time to unload and unpack boxes. Always check the weather to be prepared. We will adjust the date if weather is too bad to move. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We guarantee our work! Rest assured that hiring us as a professional moving company that we want to gain your business so we do the best job possible. We don’t make up excuses like your friends may the day of the move! We’re also licensed and insured so if anything happens you’re covered. 

Thank you so much for helping me out in a pince and willing to take on a job at the last minute. Y’all did an awesome job. Very professional, hard working in the midst of the heat that we had today. I was shocked at the pricing, cheaper than anyone else’s prices.

-B. Froman

Such a great company to work with! On a few occassions having been in a pinch and needing a mover, they were there in such a reasonable time frame! Super easy to work with and so careful with the items being moved, that’s such a hard quality to find in movers. Hands down will be my go to mover!

-A. Rogers

Owner Greg helped me move from Jackson, MS. to Cleveland Ohio without any issues. He was very professional and reasonable with price. What are you waiting for?? Book him now. You won’t be disappointed.


How much does a local moving company charge?

Typically local moving companies charge around $25-$50/hr. per mover per hour it takes to move.  It usually can take up to 6 hours to move an apartment with 2 bedrooms with 2 movers within a local area. The average cost today is about $694 and $1,889 with an average of about $1,272 and usually includes using rental truck locally under 100 miles. 

How do I prepare for my move during Covid-19?

1. Contact your movers to confirm your moving date. 
2. Buy all supplies at once. Try not to make many trips to the
 store to buy all the supplies you’ll need for your move. Here’s a very useful list and resource to help you find all the items and supplies you may need for your move here: Moving.com calculator 

3. Clean as you pack. Use this time wisely to clean & sanitize all of your items. In a pinch use 1tbs bleach to 1 gallon of water to make a disinfecting solution.

4. Make sure you finish packing 24 hours in advance before your movers arrive. Covid-19 can last up to 24 hours on those cardboard boxes. Although our movers wear gloves it’s still safe practice to have the boxes untouched for 24 hours until the movers arrive. ALSO, try to not use recycled boxes if at all possible or borrow them from people. Used boxes can be contaminated with many germs and bacteria. 




What are the best months to move?

Mid-September through April. Not only is it a low demand season it’s also more likely that you find discounted rates. It’s also usually great predictable weather to move, not too hot and not too cold. 

What's our Covid-19 policy?

We don’t work if we have a temperature. We make sure to take sanitation and hygiene seriously. We wear masks at all times and sanitize our hands and our trucks before and after each move. This is why we encourage our clients to sanitize 24 hours ahead and purchase brand new moving boxes before each move. If possible have extra sanitizer at each entrance we’ll be using plus soap and way for our movers to wash their hands and paper towels. We request that you contact us ahead of time if you are experiencing any covid symptoms, or anyone in your location. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Your move can be adjusted and your health is more important to us. 

Should I tip my moving company?

While it’s not mandatory it’s considered customary to tip about 5-10% of the total of cost of moving job and especially if they’ve done a very good job

What's the best day of the week to move?

The best days are weekdays if possible like Monday-Thursday. The reason is because the demand for moving services during the week is lower so you can take advantage of possible cost decrease as well as getting moved quicker since it’s less demand during these days

How can I find out if a mover is considered an essential business during the Covid-19 crisis?

Allen County or Indiana’s government website at in.gov provides details on all businesses considered essential during this time. You can also visit CISA’s website for definitions of critical infrastructure.  

Important tips about moving during the Coronavirus Pandemic

As we try to strive to stay updated you may always check with the CDC for Coronavirus facts on their website and you can also find the latest moving guidelines and more info at the AMSA, the American Moving & Storage Association. 

  • Let your movers know immediately if anyone or yourself is experiencing any covid-19 symptoms. Most cases we will still work with you and implement additional protocols to protect our movers as well as yourself and family. Please also let us know if you are in quarantine. It’s always better to be safe than sorry and your date can always be adjusted.
  • Provide disinfecting and hygienic products for the movers. Make sure that there is soap and paper towels available as well as hand sanitizer by all doors the movers will be coming in and out of. If you aren’t able to get these items let them know so they can be prepared to bring additional products.
  • Do NOT use free or recycled boxes for moving. This is not the best time to utilize free boxes or moving supplies from places offering them for free or recycling them. If you already have boxes that is fine to use since they’re already in your home. If not, you’ll need to purchase brand new ones and if possible purchase via self checkout. Needing help finding new moving boxes? Click here to find out where to locate moving boxes during Covid-19
  • If you’ve been considered high-risk and it’s not an emergency that you must move now then cancel your move or just postpone it. Your life is more important at this time. If you can push back the date of your move until it’s more safe to do so.
  • If you do have to cancel please do so as soon as possible. 
  • If you will be traveling make sure to plan it out. If you’ll have to take a flight or stay at hotels try to opt in for the refundable tickets and rooms or make those reservations and tickets with companies that offer cancellations free with their services. To ensure you don’t lose or waste money, make sure to ask them about their cancellation policies so you know and understand them up front. 
  • Being vigilant and smart during the pandemic means understanding and following all the mandatory and standard rules and applying them to your next move. Sanitization and social distancing requirements must still be upheld. You also must realize that it may require much more time allocated to organizing your homes belongings before your move. If you find that you’d like to donate your unwanted items there’s many people in need during this time and you should donate if possible! However, donation centers policies may have also been changed and you should call the local donation center to inquire about their drop off policies during this time. We understand that moving can be extra stressful during this time but preparing ahead of time with the tips we’ve provided, it’ll make life and your move much easier. And always, if you have any questions check the resource links above or give us as call anytime. 
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